Helping artists from 0 to pro to approach

Loose style of painting

*without sketching before

Weekly injection of contagious enthusiasm, watercolor tips for your effective growth as an artist


Olga Peregood

Hi, it's Olga here. I help you to create WOW feeling for the viewer of your paintings using intrigue, illusions and untold story!

Olga Peregood

Professional artist and watercolor explorer


This technical background, understanding how viewer's mind works, these tools in your art arsenal is what gets them to

watching speachless at your art and mezmerized about how did you create those wonderful effects?


get excited about your paintings becouse their minds want to feel those gaps and complete untold story

Third and beyond

back again and again to your painting and find something new

Want to learn more about loose style of painting?

Learn what makes your paintings so fresh, alive and seems so effortless

with your room temperature, your brushmile, your rush to overwork, end up mud or patchwork


What keeps you away from painting?

Searching for some inspiration?

I hate the though to become an artist I need diploma or somebody say "now you can paint". If success of my art carrier depends on that I would never become an artist. In grade 7 I had my first (and last) art teacher taught me how to be the most boring teacher! So I used to become my own teacher.

Want to compensate time you might spend by painting?

Want to compensate time you might spend by painting?

Here you find a loads of toys to extinguish your artist inside you and to compensate time you might spend by painting. I regularly cover my expenses on art materials by sharing referral links.

Facing new white piece of paper I have no preasure on my shoulders to create a masterpiece. I can turn any wash into salable painting. I went to sleep and wake up in the morning can't wait to paint and implement all of those wonderful ideas come to my wide open mind during the day. I don't need to be or look like someone or somekind of to sell my art. I'm totaly free and I use intrigue, illusions and untold story to evoke from viewer of my paintings this wonderful feeling everybody know but can't describe.