Water & Color With Olga Peregood


“Guess What It Is?” by Olga Peregood [2015]

 The subject is so wonderful. It is so hard not to place it on cover and made it stand out from all others but I


Behind My Shoulders ❖ Spring joy ❖ Day 7

Behind my shoulders ❖ Spring joy ❖ Day 7 ❖ Stage 8 Watercolor by Olga Peregood. Adding cold I love to work on this painting


What to start with?

3 floral watercolor painting tutorials by Olga Peregood I often recommend my floral painting tutorials for beginners when they ask me which tutorial to choose


How much I grow as an artist

This year original geocints watercolors by Olga Peregood in process. I store my paintings. It is takes not so much space, isn`t it? Today I