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Behind my shoulders ❖ Spring joy ❖ Day 6 ❖ Stage 7
Watercolor by Olga Peregood. Adding sky

Flower is needed more leaves. I am hearing my painting and can`t decide where to add them and how.

I switch my attention from leaves. Today I will add background on top. I like blue shadows. Painting still warm and sunny so I am not afraid of more blue on my painting.

Adding sky

I like strait lines from cling wrap. These lines and a cling wrap paint  a sun rays for me. I like them.

I still look at my painting very long time trying painting tell me where next leaves should be. I was rewarded for my patience and finally saw a tiny leave shyly hiding behind my flower.

Behind my shoulders ❖ Spring joy ❖ Day 6 ❖ Stage 7 and 8 Watercolor by Olga Peregood. Adding foliage
Almost there!

I made existing leave more stronger and shadow from it as well. From now my flower ready to jump from the paper!

My painting is near to be finished. Lovely feeling. Take it easy. Take it easy. I say to myself. At this stage it is so easy to ruin painting by overworking and by adding too much details. I know it very well.

When you feel the end almost there it brings you so much please so you can`t stop yourself. You can easily wake up and find out it is too late.

So as closer we are to the end the less brushstrokes we are adding.

behind my shoulders topic by Olga Peregood

Behind my shoulders

Is favorite topic on my blog where I am sharing how I paint in real timeline and in real stages in process.

In “Behind my shoulders” I am painting just for myself. Not for demonstrations, tutorials, not for my paintings to be sold, where I haven’t limits in time, deadlines, exhibition dates, etc. There truly I am painting.

In my studio I usually have 10-20 paintings in developing process. Usually I am working on several from them at one session. For “Behind my shoulders” in blog I publish just one painting on purpose. So my readers might follow me and figure out how the painting develops in real timeline in stages.

On my tutorials you can see how painting magically appears just in 30 minutes! I don`t want to deceive my viewers as for filming process I should speed up, also film goes through editing process with cutting.



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