Water & Color With Olga Peregood


3 floral watercolor painting tutorials by Olga Peregood

I often recommend my floral painting tutorials for beginners when they ask me which tutorial to choose to start with.

I started from flowers when I was beginner in watercolor. I started from flowers when I begin to make tutorials.

Because flowers is so beautiful and easy to paint in watercolor. It`s so easy to get upset about your result when you just start to approach watercolor.  So I make my tutorials as easy as possible to make a room for fun and pleasure while painting.

Frames from video “Pop Up! Carnations” watercolor painting tutorial

Watercolor is so beautiful medium just in process when colors are wet. Watercolor is so interesting medium. When colors begin to dry you see these amazing watermarks and new color combinations are forming in front of you.

Frame from video “Escaping Winter. Roses” watercolor painting tutorial

There are so much to learn in watercolor. I paint almost every day and each session brings me new ideas where to implement new discoveries.

So my answer on common question is flowers.
In every tutorial I talk about materials I use as well.

Full length HD video tutorials available for watching online by follow this link – http://bit.ly/2g00SCX


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