Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Painting loose watercolors
Random frames from dog-roses video tutorial on You Tube

Hello, my readers of my blog! I’m so happy wake up in the morning and read wonderful messages from my students all over the world and find out how much they love my blog, my paintings, tutorials.

I have a good news for you. There is an old last summer video tutorial of dog-roses from my garden are waiting to be edited and published. Finally, this is my trailer for my wonderful painting loose watercolors tutorial on my You Tube channel.

If you enjoyed exercises #2 Unusual Color Combinations and #5 Charming Imperfection (splattering) from my course “Watercolor Treasure Chest” you will love it! There is a good example how you can use cling wrap to portray leaves and greenery on your paintings as well (4 Lazy Artist Technique (cling wrap).

I can’t wait to share my joy of working in watercolor and painting dog-roses with bright vibrant colors.

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Have a nice day and painting loose watercolors,



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