Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Original watercolor dog portrait by Olga Peregood
Hi, there! One more wonderful story on my blog for today. I receive so much wonderful comments and likes under this dog painting and I hope you like it too.
This is very first layer. I appllied a cling wrap, I call it “Lazy Artist Technique” as I was lazy to paint harness.
Original watercolor dog portrait by Olga Peregood. Still wet
Next day with fresh eyes I apply next layer and finish my dog.
Original watercolor dog portrait by Olga Peregood
I don’t know why my dog’s portraits are so popular but I’m ready to continue to make happy my customers as much as I can.
Lieutenant Dan
“Dog is named Lieutenant Dan and he is a rat terrier. The photo of just his face where he is wearing a blue harness is the photo posted on his rescue’s website that made me fall in love with him.

This is so perfect! The artist used a picture I love, but had me send a few extras so she could get his eyes just right. It’s exactly right. I definitely have plans to order again, and have posted this portrait and a link to the artist’s website on my facebook, instagram, and tumblr.”
L., happy owner of painting


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