Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Easy watercolour paintings [ fish, bubbles ]

Fragment of  painting for watercolor class “Fish. Bubbles. Easy watercolour paintings” by Olga Peregood Hello! I hope you’ll enjoy my watercolor painting class “Fish. Bubbles.


How to draw bird feathers in watercolor

Watercolor painting tutorial how to draw bird feathers by Olga Peregood. The cover for “Wings On Wind: How To Paint Wings And Make Your Subject


Happy rabbit owner

Became a happy rabbit owner Hello, dear readers of my blog! Time is flying, I missed so many wonderful news in my art and life


Painting watercolour roses with freedom

Original “Beauty never fades” watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. In process I have so much pleasure painting watercolour roses with freedom working from imagination. Take