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Painting fur in watercolor. Chipmunk

Funny chipmunk watercolor painting demonstration on my YouTube channel here
Hi, there! There are so many flowers last time so people might think I paint only them. I create new animal watercolor painting demonstration on my YouTube channel about painting fur in watercolor.  Each time I see a chipmunk it is a surprise. The reason I choose a chipmunk for my painting session is because my storage is full of photographs of this creatures.
Chipmunk steals corn from bird-feeder in front of my window
Technique to achieve fluffy chipmunk is so enjoyable and realistic in this demonstration so now I think how to paint a cat, or a lion with watercolor.
This tutorial included into the course “Sun-Kissed Fall”. Join the course and watch Full HD video “Chipmunk” Painting fur in watercolor” tutorial – http://olgaperegood.com/watercolor-painting-courses-by-olga-peregood/
Wonderful discoveries and terrific results,


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