Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Watercolor painting for beginners step by step 2016

All tutorials made in 2016 in one set. The cover

Hi, everyone! It was a year of continually transformations in every sphere of my life. I wish I could handle the same level of energy in a future. To see the reality so bright, clear and vibrant as well as keeping myself in inner peaceful space no matter it is stormy out the window or around me.

I want to say thank you, to you, my dear reader of my blog and follower of my art journey. I feel so much love, my feeling of us as a command, as a shared warm friendly space in which we are interact with each other become stronger each day.

It seems messy to pass through so many transformations as I did this year and there is no end, and I don’t wish to. I love life as it is and I’m so happier right now!

By having continually growing numbers of students all over the world I thought I was not good enough and I indented to make my work more difficult and “make up”. Fortunately, my followers gave me such a warm and wise support, encouraged me to simply be who I am. What a wonderful audience I have!

Watercolor painting for beginners step by step 2016

I thought a great way to start my Christmas sale, wrap all tutorials made in 2016 in one set “Lazywonderbrush Tutorials 2016” – http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/p/shop.html




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