Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Pet painting class in watercolor
Press “Shift+F5” button or “Reload” to repeat this animation
of puppy watercolor painting in development process 

Hello, my dear artists and friends! I must admit I have a constant group of artists attending every of my painting course. It gives me a challenge to keep every of my tutorial brand new and interesting. I don’t paint one particular subject, I paint everything I see excites me as time goes by: flowers from my garden, sketchy seascape by travelling or pet painting class in watercolor, student’s requests and more.

Learning and implementing new ideas for landscapes watercolor tutorials

It was a wonderful surprise to find out my painting style and style I’m teaching appealing to non-watercolor artists as well! Knowing artists who didn’t paint for years start to paint again after my tutorials makes me so happy teacher. I received many touching stories from different people about how my art changed not only their paintings, but well-being and health.

I have so many inspiration seems like I could make a workshop every day. But I include so much into each session, so I need quality time to recharge and fulfill my energy.

I’m so happy to give “At The End Of A Rainbow” and “Unlock The Summer” painting demonstrations this month. And I’m over the moon to meet old friends and new artists this Summer.

I always glad to see you,


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