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Hi, there!
Mostly new artists search for art supplies cheap “just to try” or sadly not allowing themselves to spent money or even worse…spare time for yourself.

High quality paper and brushes is the MUST. Pleasure and joy which comes while painting using good sable and rigger brushes will guide you forward times while your skill to turn mistakes into opportunities emerge.

It takes time to switch your negative vision of “mistakes” in painting. The best help is to stock with good quality materials to make your art journey enjoyable. Painting watercolor loose style builds gradually, don’t ask much from you, stay open minded for what’s happen on your paper, keep practicing, give a space and years for experimenting, making as many mistakes and possible.

[from top to bottom] Russian watercolor brushes “Nevskaya Palitra” mop rigger, Kolinsky round sable and synthetic

When I started my blog I thought style I’m painting is very specific niche among painters and nobody reading my posts. At those times I was a beginner (believe I feel that way today) just started to achieving first wonderful results and can’t not to share my excitement.

What a wonderful surprise to find out my audience is various and grows so quickly! My YouTube channel have got five thousands subscribers already and I run this Giveaway!

If you want to win a wonderful pouch with set of 4 brilliant Russian professional watercolor brushes (I started from those brushes and still paint with them) to become an inspired artist don’t miss this opportunity

I adore nature, animals and flowers. During my past 2K and 3K giveaways there were bags with animal on them. This time there are pouches with summer flowers. And this time there will be 3 winners! There are will be just 24 hours to close this Giveaway and we find out a winners here on my blog soon.


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