Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Original lily watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. In progress. Exploring new subject to capture the essence of a lily using watercolor techniques.

Hi, there! What a wonderful day. I start my morning from painting new subject – a lily from my trip. And finish by a whole series of wonderful paintings of lilies. Seems like I’ve got something. It is like a treasure.

As an artists we approach so many techniques but when it comes to paint something new we are like a babies and should expel from nothingness. I’m still learning and discovering. What a refreshing feeling to dream about how many subjects are waiting to be discovered with this wonderful medium — watercolor.

Thank you, Delores, for sharing your amazing paintings with me. I know there are wonderful talents here among my readers. But when I privileged to see the progress and how interesting your growth I get so inspired on my art journey.

After the session I’ve been so excited so I decided to gardening. Yesterday on my garden trip I find out little tips and tricks from horticultural experts waiting to be implemented on practice!




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