Water & Color With Olga Peregood


🍈 1 Septemberville [Daisy cat portrait, from Joyous request] on YouTube channel “lazywonderbrush” hold by Olga Peregood 1st September 2017
Hi, there! I received so much love during this Summer. “Unlock Endless Summer” June/July/August series were amazing! Thank you everyone who joined us. So I want to spread those wonderful feelings and excitement this month via 🍈 Septemberville vlogs 🍈

“Septemberville” I titled a month where if you come to my YouTube channel “lazywonderbrush” at 2 PM (Toronto) any day you join vibrant community of talented artists, watch me painting from others requests flowers, pets, landscapes and more. There are some comments on how artists call this event:

“This is like going to a spa and having Girlfriend Time!!! Each brush stroke and explosion of color is like having a glass of champagne!” – Cori Lanza, Florida, USA

“You can never have too much pink!” – Barb Templin, San Diego

“Your sessions are always beautiful and full of positive energy. It is about motivation. All the rest is our practice i guess <3” – Sabina, Slovenia



I did such kind like event in “May vlogs” and I’m even more excited to do this again.

First day of Septemberville ONLINE vlogs starts 1 September and ends 30 September!

You can view playlist “Septemberville” on my YouTube channel via this link – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb47w7Evndp2iiNOprxtBU_YRStvPLyWJ

You are invited!




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