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Hello! Autumn officially come. Time for harvesting.

While working in the garden today, I enjoyed beautiful golden maple leaves everywhere on the grass, fresh cool air and handsel for next season. I planted my favorite spring flowers in shaped flowers beds and imagined how they will looks like in Spring. I’ve got some new bulbous which I’ve never see before!


There is a huge update. Each of my 5 courses replenished with many new tutorials. So if you are already a student of my courses please come and check this out! Don’t forget to upload your practice exercises and support other students as well in comments below each chapter.

+4 more tutorials into “Blues In Bloom”:

  • Keep flying with my brush [Delphiniums], 6 min
  • Paint Delphiniums from my garden, 18 min
  • Watercolor lilac exercise, 6 min
  • Spring Refresh [muscari], 25 min

+2 more tutorials into “Moodmaker”:

  • How to paint atmospheric landscape [vlogtober 27], 16 min, trailer
  • Mountain painting [ice not included, 7 min, trailer

+3 more tutorials into “Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor”:

  • 2 tutorials “How to control watercolors by “Guided Flow”, 22 min, trailer
  • ? Just a Cup ? with Olga Peregood, 9 min,  story

+5 more tutorials into “Sun-Kissed Fall”:

  • Must I create a finished masterpiece each time I paint?, 12 min, story
  • Painting pictures of lovebirds in watercolor, 28 min, story
  • “Chipmunk” Painting fur in watercolor, 11 min, story
  • “Dogs!”, 21 min, trailer
  • “Candy&Bow” How to do still life painting in watercolor, 12 min, story

+16 more tutorials into “2015 Lazywonderbrush Tutorials“:

  • Painting Afternoons [4 sessions] 47 min, story
  • Watercolor painting trees [roadscape], 16 min, story
  • Painting loose watercolors [ dog-roses ], 23 min, story
  • That DROP! Palm-tree watercolor painting tutorial, 9 min, trailer
  • Loose brushwork || paint flox flower in watercolor, story
  • Watercolor Simple Lily Tutorial, story
  • Watercolor apples or peaches?, story
  • Easy things to watercolor paint [marigold], story
  • How to make your paintings looser and spontaneous [ chrysanthemums ], story
  • Watercolor Raspberries & Truth about successful paintings, story
  • Creative Ways Paint Red Carnations, story
  • Find A Turtle. Watercolor painting tutorial by Olga Peregood, story
  • Dolphin in watercolor by Olga Peregood, story
  • Total duration: 6+ hours, 27 paintings (!!!)

If you still thinking to join, there is no excuse not to enroll into any of my courses (or if not each of them)! Prices for all 5 courses are the same if you order now. Soon in a week or so I’ll post more description for each of the course and price will be higher since than.

“Blues In Bloom” course available via this link – http://olgaperegood.com/2017/09/blues-bloom-watercolor-painting-course-open/

4 other watercolor painting courses available here – http://olgaperegood.com/watercolor-painting-courses-by-olga-peregood/




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