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Hi, there! Today is special as I’m preparing for January online watercolor painting workshop.

This is my favorite part where I learn stuff and design what about an upcoming workshop will be.

I work on apricots lesson. Being inspired by Indian Yellow recently and Alizarin Gold watercolor paints and topic I’m going to cover in the lesson which is “If I want my viewer wants to eat my painting ” I found the subject that I always love to refresh and see how it pops up on a paper.

As there is winter in Canada and there is no apricots grow I found an excellent photograph. But even the best photograph in a world don’t give you what real fruit is (especially apricots from my Grandfather’s garden in Ukraine)

My grandfather’s apricots were so soft so the only way to taste them was to pick up directly from a tree during one week at the end of a June before they fall on a ground. I remember my parents planed vacation for that dates.

I paint from real experience.  I let my painting to be rough, unperfect and mess but I want that feeling of life and fresh soft taste of my favorite fruit. I believe with watercolor I can. Transparency and fluidity of watercolor make those effects emerge. This is why I love to paint in this wonderful medium.


There are apricots, a painting. in process, First layer. I used pigments which I mentioned in my last video “Top watercolor pigments”

Tomorrow I continue design other lessons covering the most common questions about watercolor loose style of painting, wrap all together my recent discoveries in painting and to play with other beautiful pigments!

Random step from lecture #23 “Apricots Step By Steps”, painting course “Moodmaker”

Watch apricots step by steps new update in my watercolor painting course “Moodmaker”, lecture #23 – https://www.udemy.com/moodmaker/



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