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Hi! Today my new fish watercolor painting tutorial become available for watching online via Skillshare.

This tutorial was inspired by new artist and my student Valentina Salas. I get inspired each time new talent pops in and shared practice exercise followed by my classes! Valentina uploaded result in “Student Gallery” in Skillshare class a brilliant unfinished first watercolor wash of a fish with a cling wrap on top.

First wet layer of watercolor fish exercise piece by new artist and my stusent Valentina Salas. Followed by my class on Skillshare “Watercolor Atmosphere: Something Cute 4 U”

Valentina’s fish is amazing and look what happened. I love Valentina’s fish watercolor so much so I follow her wonderful subject also!

This tutorial was filmed two years ago while my visit Belarus in my studio and as old forgotten painting was laying waiting to be edited and shown some day.

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Last year in Summer 2017 the tutorial was edited and almost near to be launched. I showed a little hint of upcoming fish tutorial in my video “Watercolor painting ideas [ vlog pet geese fish tulips roseships lovebirds landscape ]” in April’2017



I’m so happy today since 2 years this wonderful tutorial is published! I already had a fish class on a Skillshare so I thought it would be nice update and definition to existing class about how I paint fish with bubbles.

I hope you’ll enjoy my wonderful update in watercolor painting class “Fish. Bubbles II. Easy watercolour paintings” as much as I do!

Cover for watercolor class “Fish. Bubbles II. Easy watercolour paintings”
by Olga Peregood, 2018
Come and Join Class “Fish. Bubbles II. Easy watercolour paintings” via this link – http://skl.sh/2amZQg8


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