Water & Color With Olga Peregood


May Vlogs 2017 was a great success and I think to turn this into tradiotion by rolling this year also.

As a reader of my blog I invite you to ✿ May vlogs ✿ watercolor painting online meet ups which going to be hold online on my YouTube channel “lazywonderbrush”.

Single frame from YESTERDAY’S May Vlog Simple flower to paint. Part 🅱

You can watch a video “Best of May vlogs 2017” in my Facebook group and I’m even more excited to do this again.

Last year replays of “2017 May Vlogs” available for watching online in my “Lazywonderbrsh Virtual Class” via this link – http://olgaperegood.com/watercolor-painting-courses-by-olga-peregood/

Replay “Simple flower to paint. Part 🅱” available in my Facebook group





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