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Hi, there! This is a quick note and jump into my blog to say Hi.

Everything is messy but going well. I’m so busy at that moment as I’m holding “May Vlogs” on my YouTube channel and paint from my readers requests as well as teaching online workshops with my students “May Spring Streams”.

My computer is so hot I could cook an egg!

I know everyone confused about last May Vlog and I wanted to make it clear for you. Because of technical issue this Vlog ended after 15 minutes demonstration and there is a replay proceeding and will be available soon for watching online the moment I’m typing this.

First wash created during demonstrating for 25th May Vlog from “Blooming trees” requests

Today I held “At The End Of A Rainbow” online workshop and I asked my students about any interpretations on this first wash just to turn on imagination before I start the main topic. During demonstrating I’ve got brilliant idea.  I listen everyone’s ideas about what it could be and each of them where good to continue paint it. At some point I started to see my subject in this wash.

I was thinking about how to portray fluffy chest for hummingbird as I fail to achieve “Fluffy Technique” using salt effect for it.


And Metamorphosis! I had an insight what if I use this blooming tree from broken May Vlog and paint my hummingbird on top of this first wash?

Hummingbird watercolor painting created during demonstrating for “At The End Of A Rainbow”


Blooming tree from 25th May Vlog is available for watching on my YouTube channel.




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