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People ask me,

As a beginner in watercolor painting, where do I start if I want to paint in this style? Are there tutorials or courses online that will help me with loose watercolor painting?


Loose style of painting is specific. To painting free, atmospheric and spontaneous requires brave, open, experimenting, come out from comfort zone from you. Not so many even professional artists brave to approach. It’s so easy to paint a coloring page, have a sketch and lines than paint free.

Watercolor benefits without sketching before. Fragment of a rose painting

Loose style of painting in watercolor requires to paint regularly. If you have opportunity to close in a room and paint 10 minutes a day it’s enough to approach it. Your wish to paint loose should be strong enough to pass through basic fears and mistakes all beginners come through.

If you are a total beginner try my class for new artists “Watercolor Treasure Chest” helped so many artists to start with this medium

My class for new artists “Watercolor Treasure Chest”. The Cover


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