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Hello! It’s summer here. In Russian we call it “le-e-e-to” which means “flying season”.

So many times I back to my blog to wrap my thoughts, all wonderful events and changes in my art journey and

…I skip to enjoy walking, breathing fresh warm summer air and painting. I fill out so many from my painting time for myself ( not for public ).

The more I step on my art journey the more I enjoy painting, simply painting. It’s hard to find words and descriptions. I have a lot new paintings to share and discoveries and I wish I back to my “blogging mode” soon and post more often.

Mostly I work on old unfinished pieces. Giving them new life and seeing how they exposed with new meaning which is even more exciting than I imagined when  started them is my favorite game now.

Original lilac watercolor painting by Olga Peregood, 2018

Finally, I get organized with my art works and I’m making inventory sheets, applying protection, wrapping, framing, making collections. I enjoy this process! I like to see my paintings framed and marked.

My courses also got touch of love: improved sections, fixed broken links (it pass so long time since I launched them!), updated with bonus lessons as new students continuously come and enjoy them.

My course “Sun-Kissed Fall” (2016) now updated and come with additional 1 hour 30 minutes BONUS lessons.

Available on Udemy via this link – https://www.udemy.com/paintbright


Cover for the course “Sun-Kissed Fall: crispy vibrant and bright watercolors” (2016) by Olga Peregood



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