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Apricots Step By Steps

Hi! As my main computer on a repair I took my time to clean up my another computer, on which I’m writing right now and I found old step by steps from winter workshops.

You might remember my winter post “Grandfather’s apricots”

Apricots are my faves and I painted them from my child memo which I shared in post above.

My painting entices to taste apricots, so fresh and juicy they look from my painting.


I found good place for my new step by step. There is new update in my course “Moodmaker” with step by steps how I painted apricots.

Random step from lecture #23 “Apricots Step By Steps”, painting course “Moodmaker”

Watch apricots step by steps new update in my watercolor painting course “Moodmaker”, lecture #23 – https://www.udemy.com/moodmaker/





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