Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Stop our car to pick up fresh flowers today.

Yesterday I cooked nectar for hummingbirds as all feeders finished. Every day while walking with my family we see the same chipmunk fully stuff his cheeks. Yes, it’s busy season for everyone!

Did I ever tell you how all this Septemberville thing started?
Here goes:

I know firsthand how frustrating working with water and thinking where to move to the next with your 1st wash could be. For many years I made several give ups breaks from painting and have a box of unfinished paintings to remember how I started which I’ll never show anybody…

To be honest there were not “breaks” but give ups. Again and again. Again and again. My “breaks” were years even before I accumulate enough energy for next fail try.

As time goes by I learnt to listen the medium, discovered tips and tricks, developed guided lines to rely on while painting in watercolor loose… And now I use it for myself and to my students.

I grew and instead of expecting next fail I let myself to make mistakes, I started to paint free, relax and there is a gentle feeling of joy and “butterflies” each time I pick up my brush, and then helped new artists, amateurs and professionals different levels even not watercolor from around the world to paint the same way.

By working with thousands of artists I’ve seen that not having connection with inner artist can keep them away from painting, achieving successful results and most importantly not having calming and joyful time while painting, especially to paint the next day.

If you have a wish to be able to paint beautiful, grow effectively as an artist, really understand the process of loose painting, then I want to invite you to join us this month.

Surprised? I am too, to this day I am surprised & grateful for the path I took and the roads that I walked.


The “Septemberville” is opening soon, get on the VIP list –http://olgaperegood.com/septemberville/





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