Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Hi, my dear readers of my blog. Sorry, if my reminder that there is one month before Septemberville’18, extinguishes enjoyment from last Summer month. But…

Preparation is a key

I want to organize this year “Septemberville’18” even more exciting. I need your help

As we know Septemberville is online open event where I paint from your requests. Please, check out your photographs you made this Summer and send me at ladywonderbrush@gmail.com . Requests and stories should be send before 4th September 2018.

Can’t wait for your requests and to read funny stories and to think how to paint them during Septemberville,18.

And let’s refresh wonderful moments from last year “Septemberville’17”:

Painting requests covered by Olga Peregood painted online livestream during September’17.

Join Septemberville’18 today via this link – http://olgaperegood.com/septemberville/




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