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Today I’m going to show you a process of “framing” watercolors on wood panels and filling gaps in Christmas Gallery by preparing new collection of watercolors. I have wood panels, wax and pasta.

How to make watercolor paintings on wood panels

Step #0:

Wet back side of your painting and put overnight under the press. In the morning you should get absolutely flat paper. Don’t skip this part: if you skip step #0, after the step 3 your painting might be with bubbles or waves. We don’t want that happen!

Step #1 and #2:

Cover with soft fabric thin layer of wax, let it dry completely. Repeat. I applied 2 layers. Finished painting with wax applied look the same and by touching – the same as without wax. I noticed a tiny little shine.

Dorland’s wax medium

Step # 3

Stick paintings to wood panels by using heavy molding paste. Put under the press overnight like you did in last step. Take more attention to the edges, apply smooth continuous coverage with paste.

Golden extra heavy molding paste

Step #4:

Check how flat and smooth your painting sticked to the panel. If you see holes, bubbles, waves – this is the stage where you try to safe your painting continue to work on step #3. Don’t move to step #5 once you get flat, quality result.

  1. For bubbles or waves — spray your painting with water and place under the press.
  2. For holes near the edge — fill with paste and place under press.
  3. For huge bubbles — make an air come out with a needle, spray with water your and place under the press.
  4. I wish your “mistakes” camouflaged by the composition of your painting!

Step #5:

Cut edges with stationery knife.

Step #6:

I apply wax for sides of panels also. Work on putting your artist label with information about painting and hanging.








…Yes, you should exercise a little bit on your exercise watercolors, use up wood panels, before you’re confident to apply manipulations below to your paintings!

Keep your eyes pinned for tomorrow’s post as I’ll show you result dog’s watercolors on wood panels collection! While you’re waiting, check out creation stories for fluffy cuties which going to be framed on wood panels:

Bruno and Simon  |  Lieutenant Dan |  Boston Terrier Bailey



Dog portraits watercolor paintings collection

My friends not going to be framed under glass. They are awesome and require awesome framing. Aren’t they?

Those guys on the go to set up a new collection of my dog portraits watercolor paintings on wood panels.

Meet Bruno and Simon,

SOLD. Original Simon and Bruno watercolor pet portrait painting by Olga Peregood

Welcome, Lieutenant Dan!

Original watercolor dog portrait by Olga Peregood

And closing collection of dog watercolor paintings on wood panels, Boston Terrier Bailey:

Original watercolor “Bailey” portrait by Olga Peregood

Dorlands wax medium – https://bit.ly/2QswX7j
GEL/MOLDING PASTE by GOLDEN, EXTRA HEAVY, 236ML – https://bit.ly/2FqqdpF

There are many tutorials how I paint dogs and fur in my style available for watching online via this link – https://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/blog/20236/animals





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