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While preparing for my demonstration I discover so wonderful new effects! Now watercolor became even more unexpected and exiting medium!

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I wish everyone to find what you love to do in life [hobby] and have the possibilities to do it regularly. I have so much from mine.



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Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Professional artist and Live streaming performer. My specialization is using media in unique and creative ways to captivate and engage with an audience.



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My Art Journey

My Art Journey

To freely share my adventures and discoveries among wonderful artists. There is always a story behind each my painting which I share on my blog.

Spring flowers

Spring flowers

Work in progress. Watercolors of spring flowers by Olga Peregood

🌩 I have a problem with tutorials. Once I start to prepare subjects to paint for tutorial I soon realized I enjoy painting so much so I absolutely loosen in my own world and forgot what for I was starting it for. 🌩 I have so wonderful day today in my studio. Birds, animals, and spring flowers laying everywhere on the floor in my studio. 🌩 It is almost impossible to concentrate these paintings are just my exercises and experiments for future demonstrations. They are so amazing I loose control and forget about everything just painting for fun and for me. 🌩 It is hard side to be an artist. 🌩 While preparing for my demonstration I discover so wonderful new effects! Now watercolor became even more unexpected and exiting medium! 🌩 It seems ages till I could continue my session tomorrow with fresh eyes.

April 18, 2015

How I start teaching


I am filming new exiting painting tutorial. This tutorial will be very educational. I want to fill it with juicy content.

Getting excited before pushing the Record button 📽

Today I am filming new exiting painting tutorial. This tutorial will be very educational. I want to fill it with juicy content. Feel tired. It is so much behind the scenes to do, to plan, to organize. Painting from my new video tutorial is so beautiful. I step around the unfinished painting and can`t wait till tomorrow I can continue working on details.

April 19, 2015

⬅ Single frame from the tutorial

Today was pre-celebration of launching future film with beautiful and an appropriate cover. I am so excited every day more and more as a date coming. I am so thankful to my followers I feel like you rush my energy to do what I am doing. I feel like it is such a privilege to play my role in this.

⬅ Single frame from the tutorial

April 22, 2015

Pop Up! Carnations

Pop Up! Carnations

This tutorial included into the course “Lazywonderbrush Tutorials 2015”. Join the course and watch Full HD video “Escaping Winter. Hydrangeas” tutorial and List Of Materials

I accomplish a bunch of stuff the last time. I feel overwhelmed by techniques, ideas, features and tricks in my favorite medium watercolor. Its good time to spread the world with it through this film. Basics and little tricks to make your subjects POP UP! from a paper and attract the viewer. I take a very simple subject for this aim to pay attention to watercolor techniques and possibilities definitely. Happy painting!

April 20, 2015

Step By Steps

"Spring Joy"

Opening new topic for you. I select one painting and let you follow me watch me day by day as painting will develop as you stay behind my shoulder. So I called this topic “Behind my shoulders”. This is incredible idea! Let’s paint with me and feel the rush and adrenaline which you can bring in hole your day as I do. Usually I work on several paintings at one session. I choose one painting just for publishing in my blog. Enjoy!!!

❖ Day 1

❖ Stage 1 and 2


Today I take new white piece of paper and get exited just from this! If you read this my post you already know what is my favorite watercolor paper.

I imagine new interesting adventure is waiting for me. I don’t know where am I going and what a result will be. This feeling of foretaste is made my day and my paintings!

I have my new favorite watercolor Quinacridone Gold by W&N and I want to play with it today.

This is kind a geocint flower or something like that. I am just sitting and enjoying while layer is drying. I like juicy colors mixed together on paper.

I called this painting “Spring Joy”. This topic going to be favorite on this blog! See you on next session! I can`t wait!

Day 2

❖ Stage 3 and 4

I want to show a form of geocint flower by adding background. I still enjoy mixed colors so I repeat mixing colors at the background too.

I like direction to the corners of paper. I work at an angle and turn the paper to let the colors flow on these directions.

I like so much how it looks like right now so I want more of these, please. I add a friend behind my flower.

I don’t want to force. Take it easy. I know it is so beautiful at this stage. But I am forcing myself to stop and wait until next time.

After receiving a nice comment about my new topic I feel like I am not alone in the room and you guys waiting next session as I do! Thank you for letting me know about it.

❖ Day 3

❖ Stage 5

I fascinated about colors and light playing on my subject. I even don’t know where to go.

It is seems like 2nd flower need some background as well, isn’t it? I will add the background behind 2nd flower and look how painting will be changed.

Now I will wait fresh ideas where to move next. I still don’t know where I should go. Anyway I like my painting at this stage already. It`s pleasure to searching new ideas to work on it further!

❖ Day 4

❖ Stage 6


I have an interesting idea for my painting! I like my Quinacridone Gold watercolor by W&N and why not use it again and much more?

I use a cling wrap for texture. Can`t wait till tomorrow I can remove a cling wrap and look what happens with composition.

❖ Day 5

❖ Stage 7

After removing cling wrap in my previous stage my painting looked so warm so I rapidly add turquoise shade on flower and background. I begin to add green leaves very carefully trying not to leave viewer’s attention from beautiful flowers.

Compare warmth  of stage 6 and light breeze of stage 7 on paintings.