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Landscapes is the most favorite to paint among artists. 50% of a painting is sky. With watercolor another 50% is a work for the medium!

Sweetest escape, the place of power, the resource

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I wish everyone to find what you love to do in life [hobby] and have the possibilities to do it regularly. I have so much from mine.



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Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Professional artist and Live streaming performer. My specialization is using media in unique and creative ways to captivate and engage with an audience.



The instant and genuine feedback from viewers allows me to shape and tailor my content, giving me true engagement with my audience.

My Art Journey

My Art Journey

To freely share my adventures and discoveries among wonderful artists. There is always a story behind each my painting which I share on my blog.

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My Discoveries

Rich watercolor watermarks were formed with some watercolor pigments and salt.

a bird, a cockerel, or owl

Perylene Maroon by Winsor & Newton +salt

a bird, a cockerel, or owl

From this very first layer my imagination is full of different ideas. It could be a bird, a cockerel, or furry animal, an owl , etc. Rich watercolor watermarks were formed with watercolor Perylene Maroon and salt.

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I was exploring and learning salt effects for my next paintings

My experiments. Part 1

I was not so happy about that paintings. But today this exercises and part of these paintings led to some amazing results I cannot be silent about.

Artist Tip:

 So please don`t give up if you in that point right now after unhappy painting. Tomorrow you will understand why. Just keep doing!

My experiments. Part 2

In part 1 I was suggesting you to keep practicing. I know artists often struggle with that thing. Today I have one more piece of cake for you to prove that point.

Based on THIS watercolor painting from my yesterdays “unhappy experiments” there are series of cute gifts have created.

To be even truly the list of paper I was painting with salt exercises was bought a used one. So I do my salt experiment on already used list of paper (both sides of the list) so it defiantly was creating for the bin exactly. So it was 100% hopeless paining.

Artist Tip

We never know where our art journey will lead us. But it will be so wonderful places if we just be wise to keep on going when the weather is cloudy.

I like painting ducks. They are as easy as pumpkins. Lovely subjects, lovely paper. What else can I ask in this world?

My students, artists and friends


I received many touching stories from different people about how my art changed not only their paintings, but well-being and health.
⬅ Feeling of wind playing with snowy branches  in watercolor by Olga Peregood

wind playing

Every day on my morning walk I pass so many trees. I enjoy their beauty in snow, in storm, in different weather and sunlight angles. I live in beautiful countryside of Ontario so trees are everywhere. I set a challenge not just paint a beautiful tree in winter but alive, with feeling of wind playing with its branches and snow falling down on blizzard. This exactly what I wanted to achieve. Watercolor is a magical medium!

⬅ Feeling of wind playing with snowy branches in watercolor by Olga Peregood

January 28, 2015