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Anybody could start to become an artist at any age of life

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What I Do

I wish everyone to find what you love to do in life [hobby] and have the possibilities to do it regularly. I have so much from mine.



I have a fabulous collection of paintings. Come and visit Gallery for what is available at that moment for purchase online

Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Professional artist and Live streaming performer. My specialization is using media in unique and creative ways to captivate and engage with an audience.



The instant and genuine feedback from viewers allows me to shape and tailor my content, giving me true engagement with my audience.

My Art Journey

My Art Journey

To freely share my adventures and discoveries among wonderful artists. There is always a story behind each my painting which I share on my blog.

How I start teaching


I am filming new exiting painting tutorial. This tutorial will be very educational. I want to fill it with juicy content.
⬅ Original roses watercolor by Olga Peregood. Fragment. Private collection

New film 📽

🌹 I look at my paintings with a feeling how can I create them? It is seems like I have to believe its me. This is the point hard to explain if you never have such an magical experience in life. It is so unique moment I even hard to hope somebody will understand what I am talking about. 🌹 But this is the point in my life I so long dream about and work very hard to achieve. I never take for granted such rich moments in my life. I always remember the hard work. I am personally celebrating. This is my resourcing place I can bring energy from. 🌹 I cannot not to share my feeling with you. They are overwhelming. If you have a dream whatever it is everything is possible. 🌹 Next week I gonna filming a video tutorial how my roses appears on my easel for all of you! My excitement is jumping from one event to another.

⬅ Original roses watercolor by Olga Peregood. Fragment. Private collection

February 26, 2015

⬅ My outfit for filming.  Roses are everywhere: on my dress and my earrings

Getting ready for filming my roses tutorial

It`s not just a winter right now. It`s Canadian winter! I have to paint roses from my memories from my imagination to escape situation. I will title my first painting tutorial “Escaping winter” it`s suits it the best. You know it works. After painting roses and recording tutorial in my studio and in my mood it is summer.

⬅ My outfit for filming. Roses are everywhere: on my dress and my earrings

February 27, 2015

⬅ The cover for my first painting tutorial “Escaping Winter. Roses”

The cover

🌹 What a wonderful day today. I was painting in the morning, then I go outside and have so much fun with my family. We were sliding from hills on snow sliders . Then I return home and work on cover for my painting tutorial “Escaping Winter.Roses”. This is a cover. 🌹 I always feel enthusiastic after painting in my studio. After painting roses and feeling there is a summer in the middle of winter, I feel enthusiastic even more! I am happy to share this magic through my film. 🌹And this is not an end of a day. After posting this, I am going on my skating lessons.

⬅ The cover for my first painting tutorial “Escaping Winter. Roses”

February 28, 2015

⬅ Random frame from my 1st HD video painting tutorial “Escaping Winter. Roses”

First view 😍

😍Today was a first view of my 1st painting tutorial “Escaping Winter. Roses” with my close circle of my fam and friends. I don’t feel so excited in my life for ages! 😍Everyone noticed how professional looking tutorial and most of all – how roses magically appears on my easel. We were viewing it on a wide screen in our living room and when you are watching it, it seems like you stand in my studio behind my shoulders. I am more than happy with my film! 😍 In a days my film will be available online!

⬅ Random frame from my 1st HD video painting tutorial “Escaping Winter. Roses”

March 1, 2015

⬅ Single frame from roses tutorial


💮 After launching painting tutorial “Escaping Winter. Roses” no day pass I did not to receive new beautiful comment on tweet. I fillings are on top right now and I gonna make my next one, which is called “Escaping Winter. Hydrangeas” even more exiting! 💮 Exploring new ways painting in watercolor, approaching technics, try new subjects and materials, and sharing the best features with you – I feel like I want to be involved in it all my life. 💮 And this is just a beginning. I am just launched my very first painting tutorial. I can’t even imaging how I will hold my emotions in the future! 💮 Thank you very-very much for every comment, letter, tweet, like. It means a lot for me.

⬅ Single frame from roses tutorial

March 6, 2015

Escaping Winter.Roses

Escaping Winter.Roses

This tutorial included into the course “Lazywonderbrush Tutorials 2015”. Join the course and watch Full HD video “Escaping Winter. Roses” tutorial and List Of Materials

In this tutorial Olga Peregood painted roses. Her style is very playful. No drawing, no sketching, no photographs – and beautiful roses are beautifully appearing! Hard to believe tutorial was filmed in winter. It was her first Canadian winter after arriving help to watercolor technics and memories she bring from her garden in Belarus. Follow this talented artist how she does magic on a paper in the most beautiful of mediums – watercolor.

March 2, 2015

May 4, 2015

First painting S O L D

💮 I just started this year making tutorials.

💮 I recently received comments, questions about my painting art and feedback on tutorials and YT videos.

💮 And this is my first painting SOLD.

💮 Before I started I give myself a time not to ask many. When you really deep in that and not expect results just work and believe. When it sells some day you know it so wonderful feeling. And it is unexpected and such a celebration!

💮 Anybody could start to become an artist at any age of life. When it happens and you sell your first painting. I can’t describe this feeling I am overwhelmed right now. As artists the day we sold our first paining will never be forgotten.

💮 Work, patience, practice, believe you can − dreams come true!

💮 It’s time say goodbye to my painting. I have so much pleasure by painting it. I hope it brings lovely emotions into its new home.

💮 P.S. Next day another painting was sold as well!

March 11, 2015

Canadian winter

❄ People ask me “How can I love Canada?! The winter!”

❄ This question is not about Canada or winter. This is about wherever you are what you do to keep your energy, emotions and enthusiasm on high.

This week I paint summer flowers from my garden from my memories. Today is frost, but in my studio is summer.

Original watercolor “Out of laws” by Olga Peregood. SOLD

April 1, 2015

Not obey the laws of physics!

This style is absolutely unique. There is no way I could recreate such watercolor effects! I like a rosebud.

My husband likes the colors.

The curve trajectory by which drop of color slid down does not obey the laws of physics!

What next?

On fire SOLD

On fire SOLD

Original roses watercolor painting by Olga Peregood

🔥 I was so inspired while making my 1st painting roses tutorial. Now after receiving beautiful feedback from whom purchased and watched it I inspired to paint roses even more! Now my roses don’t bloom they are burning and if I will ever show this painting to somebody I call it “on fire”. 🔥 Look how leaves and a rose on the right caught on fire! There are many roses on the go. Be prepared.

March 28, 2015

Being brave

Being brave

Original Dutch roses watercolor by Olga Peregood. Stages

🌷 I like my painting roses tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses" so much so I imagine like I am a student and like I learn from myself how to paint roses! 🌷 I absolutely amazed by red roses appears on my painting. And I was since the beginning. Watercolor is so pleasant in process. Viewer would enjoy finished piece but as an artists we have such a luck to enjoy the in-between stages in process! 🌷 Take a look at 1st layer! The glow of colors is breathtaking. You should be brave enough not to afraid to ruin such beauty on next stages!

April 2, 2015