Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Acrylic vs Watercolor

How do acrylic and watercolor paintings differ?   Well…   Watercolor has more possibilities no one medium does to: Express your deepest feelings Final result is unexpected


Nectar for hummingbirds

Stop our car to pick up fresh flowers today. A post shared by Olga Peregood (@olgaperegood) on Aug 27, 2018 at 1:46pm PDT Yesterday I


Apricots Step By Steps

Hi! As my main computer on a repair I took my time to clean up my another computer, on which I’m writing right now and


August Online Workshops

Olga Peregood August 9, 2018

There are 3 online watercolor painting workshops and artist friends meet ups with me this August: Friday 10th “Fur&Feathers” Sunday 12th “Multi-subjects” Sunday 26th “Flowers”