Bring on September to approach the tools to finally be able to paint beautiful


Know everything what it takes for successful paintings and developing your own painting style in 5 Saturday's afternoons via online livestream painting sessions with professional artist and watercolor teacher, Olga Peregood

Students Gallery

Monarches & Rudbeckia

Students Gallery followed by 8th "Septemberville'18" watercolor painting livestream demonstration by Olga Peregood

Students Gallery

Cactus Pearls

Students Gallery followed by 1st "Septemberville'18" watercolor painting livestream demonstration by Olga Peregood

As we know Septemberville is online open event dedicated to

Paint from your requests!

And let’s refresh wonderful moments from last year “Septemberville’17”:
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Students Gallery

Anybody could start to become an artist at any age of life!

Nancy Melching

Olga makes it all look so easy

I’m enjoying your "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" course. As you can see I have a long way to go! I think next I’ll try the palm trees. I absolutely love how you paint them! You make it all look so easy and of course it’s not, but such fun anyway. I’ve been watching your YouTube demos and love those too. I’ve taken lots of online watercolor classes and am discovering that I prefer the loose style over the more realistic. I’m finding it more difficult too, you’d think it would be easier but no no! Lol

Nancy Melching

happy student


Your tutorials were VERY informative and I learned soooooooooo much

I just watched your videos and they were fantastic. Olga I own DVDs of other artist. She is a wonderful creative artist and she travels all over the world I guess teaching. But to be honest with you I really think Olga that your art and creativity have gone BEYOND what this artist does. I see more creativity in your tutorials than in other DVDs. I am so grateful to have found you on the net and I do hope you continue with your teaching because your tutorials were VERY informative and I learned soooooooooo much.



Your instructor

Olga Peregood

professional artist and teacher. Since 2015 Olga’s watercolor painting courses gained more than ten thousands students from 119 countries.
⬅️ Original "Kitty Milly" cat portrait created during last year "Septemberville'17

Hi, it's Olga here. I'm from Belarus and live in Canada. The content presents with a positive attitude is outstanding. We do not need to sit for a thorough explanation or history of techniques, if u need someone to be straightforward and show u so u can begin to experiment...that is exactly what I do. This is an excellent class and if you want to follow my tutorials from now on - click the button below...

⬅️ Original "Kitty Milly" cat portrait created during last year "Septemberville'17

for Melinda Gardner request, Texas

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Paint along online LIVE with Olga

This Saturday afternoon

I'm celebrating because I'm thrilled to have the possibility to hold online meet ups and paint from your exciting painting requests and chat together during Septemberville'18! It's open for everyone and it's going to show you exactly how to loosen up your painting style, how to deal with stress and worries while painting in the process. It's packed with livestream painting demos, bonuses tutorials, my new discovered tips and tricks, giveaways and Funny Auction.