Water & Color With Olga Peregood


Indigo and Hooker’s Green watercolors
applied technique “Creating by Destroying”
from my class “Watercolor Treasure Chest”

I love flowers, continuously paint them. Each time by the way explore new ways to portray foliage/greenery.

Look at this greenery effect. I discovered it and titled “Creating by Destroying”. I already showed this wonderful technique in my class for beginners “Watercolor Treasure Chest”. Indigo and Hooker’s Green by Daniel Smith mixed and washed away while flow. This is how to paint foliage! Since I approached this technique painting flowers become even more enjoyable process as I don’t need worry at all about greenery.

I have spent many tubes with different green watercolor past summer as I tended to paint every single flower from my garden in Belarus. And I enjoyed using each tube of green watercolor. But this one come to my palette more often then the others. A pure green for me, juicy summer greenery in a tube! Such a treasure for lazy artist as me who don’t want to think which colors to mix to gain green.

Applying my favorite technique from my class for beginners “Watercolor treasure Chest”

And this is one more fun way how to paint foliage by using a salt. This time I applied this technique not for fluffy fur but for interesting greenery for my tulips painting. I showed how to apply it as well in my class. It is such a pleasure to paint loose! Once you approach techniques and how to apply them for your subject you continuously feel this pleasure of creating and during the day collect new ideas for next! Sometimes I shared some of mine ideas in this blog. I hope you enjoy!

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