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White rose watercolor technique. First layer

Hello, my dear readers of my blog! I’m continue working on my new watercolor painting course “Moodmaker”. Love that buzz feeling as each section finished and as a moment of publishing come closer!

It is almost impossible to keep in secret all of that wonderful subjects and painting from this course! This is a fragment of white rose tutorial.

All subjects are wonderful and I designed the course so subjects are relate to my own life.
When I was choosing to paint a rose from my garden it was a frost snowy day while my students from different countries of the world showed blooming spring flowers photographs.

I still remember a fresh feeling in a summer morning when I took this photograph, buzz flying, sunshine on my face, gentle perfume in the air.

This tutorial isn’t only about how to paint a white rose in watercolor but what makes green to sing and illuminate on leaves? And how to paint petals so gentle and sensitive so you might feel the aroma? I want after watching my course you find out why I like to paint roses in my style and why painting rose is so fun!

There is a cover “Moodmaker” coming soon and I count days when it happens. Who says it is Winter?



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