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Hello, me dear readers. It is such a pleasure to watch as time goes by my blog become popular. I’m receiving wonderful emails and stories from talented artists all over the world every day. Some of my followers before fall in love with my style confess that for want of some decent watercolor paper they have been watching my videos..! 

Paper – is the most common question among watercolor amateurs.

Last month my blog was nominated in “Top 60 watercolor blogs”. Last week I was invited as an expert artist and requested to tell about my favorite watercolor art supplies. So I thought it will be wonderful to make such kind like “expert” article for that reason too.


Yesterday I hold a “Spring Stream” online painting session with my students and luckily achieved suitable material as we had a lot fun not only by experimenting how to paint people but painted them on different paper brands to compare.

I took my favorite watercolor paper brands Arches and Bockingford and a new one Indigo Canadian watercolor paper brand for my demonstration.

“Magicians” watercolor paintings by Olga Peregood while “Spring Streams” demonstration online
Comparing art supplies
Watercolor paper brands: Indigo (left), Arches (middle), Bockingford (right)

All three are excellent quality watercolor paper, pleasure to work with and best art supplies for artists. As you might see on my close up view photograph the vibrancy for all three are the same. You can see juicy green gold color is singing on each of pieces as well as ultramarine, quinacridone gold and violets.

Palette gamma for “Magicians” watercolor paintings by Olga Peregood while “Spring Streams” demonstration online
Comparing art supplies. Watercolor paper brands: Indigo (left), Arches (middle), Bockingford (right)

Painting people is a big fear among artists. By having such high quality art supplies from best watercolor brands you skip it. There is a huge joy to use them while painting. Enjoy watching those wonderful paints flow across beautiful surface of a paper – lifts your spirits and worth money spent.

All three pieces are rough surface. I’m lazy artist and grab every idea or technique which helps to achieve my goals in painting by painting less! This is why rough surface of watercolor paper is my favorite. Those pockets and sells filled with paints gives so intriguing effects.


“Magician “Bockingford”
I see soft gradual effect while colors mixed between each other. All three pieces are rough surface but such breeze effect and how colors blurred you might noticed only on Bockingford watercolor paper.
“Magician “Bockingford”. Fragment

This is why I recommend Bockingford watercolor paper for paint gentle petals, soft quite landscapes or baby faces.


“Magician “Arches”
I placed Arches in a middle of three pieces in purpose. This is universal watercolor paper. You can see soft gradient effects as well  as rich watermarks.
“Magician “Arches”. Fragmnet
Piece of Arches has more Rough surface than previous one but not extreme as the next. So this is visually convenient to place it in a middle too.
I used to paint a lot on this paper and seems like my hand “knows” it very well. Notice how different parts of clothes and figure, accessories more recognized more “lucky” compare to others no matter how rough movings and how limited time is while demonstrating online. Students of “Spring Streams” learn this feature effectively as they have an access to watch a replay videos after each session ends. 


“Magician “Indigo”
This is unique watercolor paper in Canadian art supplies. There is a potential for many discoveries in a future. My first impression was like mistery and each time I paint on Indigo watercolor paper I fill that I want to paint more to understand and explore it. You really should adapt and learn the way this paper drive. You should be sensitive about water. My lovely trick – pre wet paper for some sections of composition. Wait a few minutes. Wet again. Wait again. And THAN apply colorful brushstrokes. By painting this way you might achieve the most adventures exploration you ever had with art supplies.
“Magician “Indigo”. Fragment
Extra rough surface makes you fall in love or hate it. Time spent by taming Indigo watercolor paper worth it!
While creating these paintings I used:
  1. Watercolor paper Arches aquarelle roll rough surface 140lb(300 gsm) – http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/2015/04/9-meter…
  2. Watercolor paper Bockingford 140 lb rough – http://bit.ly/2p9Mjj8
  3. Watercolor paper Indigo 210 lb 25% flax by Indigo Art Papers, extra rough
  4. Watercolor Brilliant Red Violet by Schmincke – http://bit.ly/28WDXUg
  5. Watercolour ULTRAMARINE by Winsor and Newton – http://bit.ly/28fBG05
  6. Watercolor Green Gold by Daniel Smith – http://bit.ly/296SFv9
  7. Watercolour Quinacridone Gold by Winsor & Newton – http://bit.ly/2lF6LXO
A special thank you to Sabina, 3D designer and my happy student, for kindly let me to use her portfolio and without her colaboration we would be never see such gorgeous interpretations of a “magicians”.
“Magicians” watercolor paintings by Olga Peregood while “Spring Streams” demonstration online
Comparing art supplies
Watercolor paper brands: Indigo (left), Arches (middle), Bockingford (right)
I hope my blog helps people to think about painting with freedom, relax and jokes. Imaging there are not a magicians but parakeets 😉 or women with love for fashion :)) It’s fun!
“Spring Streams” registration for April is closed. Look for updates for next season in order to join watercolor painting livestreams.



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