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“Blues In Bloom”. Release date

Hi, there!

I don’t remove faded flowers before the shoot. I found died buttons and dry petals beautiful. I title one of my favorite watercolor technique “Charming imperfections” in my class for new artists “Watercolor Treasure Chest” so.

I just start my new life here in Canada and learn to see things as they are, leave my illusions behind. My style of painting is luscious, because I paint from heart. I wish to depict my best excitement of the moment, the taste of a moment.

The medium teach me to stay focused on lucky areas, accept mistakes and make them a part of my composition. Sharp this skill and it automatically became your state of mind in every sphere of your life!

I just back from wonderful garden tour across local farms and private gardens. I’ve got zillion ideas how to design my garden, inspiration and refreshment for painting and took so many photographs of beautiful scenes. Return to my studio and paint a lot. I open so many new subjects to paint using techniques that I already know.

I work on my schedule to add additional topic on my YouTube channel – vlogs – about what I paint in my studio. This is really exciting month and I think it is brilliant source of inspiration for those of you who love to paint and not ready to attend my courses.

Beautiful lily discovered during garden tour in bloom which on my list to paint the next.

Thank you, everyone who let me know how much you enjoyed my wonderful trailer for upcoming course “Blues In Bloom”. Release date 31 August 2017 … very soon!




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