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Try my new watercolor blue tubes Ultramarine, Intense Blue and Cobalt Blue Hue by Winsor and Newton


Hello, my dear readers! How it feels like? This is my first blog post after my blog commuted from lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca here on my new website olgaperegood.com

[please, sorry for broken links and missed images. As in life there is always something missed after moving to a new place ;}

I was quit for a long time because of working on new website, filming new tutorials, making livestreams “Unlock Endless Summer” between enjoying hot summer days and eventually I’m back with bunch of news and events.

Blues hit me those hot summer days. Blue nails, blue clothes and blue flowers in bloom in my garden and blue tubes from Winsor and Newton.

Not a question my subjects for upcoming video tutorial on my YouTube channel are blue also.

I started to make a video for my YouTube channel to introduce you my new blue tubes arrives from Jackson’s Art Supplies shop, to experiment painting blue subjects in my favorite medium watercolor.


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I deep into the process and everything turns into not one single tutorial for my YouTube channel but a full watercolor painting course!

My scraps and practice exercises turns into wonderful paintings of my favorite flowers.

Even my closing session where I paint at the end before leaving my easel turned into wonderful chipmunk painting. I was exhausted after filming many tutorials though. You never know which painting will be your “lucky piece”. I don’t know yet if my chipmunk will be included into a course as it is not fit to the topic but it is so cute tutorial anyway!

I adore making courses. It is past 5 month since my last course “Moodmaker” and I so happy to come into excitement while working on new course again. I wake up and go to sleep thinking and working on my new video for YouTube and this unexpected new course now.

See you very soon with updates!





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