Water & Color With Olga Peregood


How do acrylic and watercolor paintings differ?




Watercolor has more possibilities no one medium does to:

  1. Express your deepest feelings
  2. Final result is unexpected and gives a result much more fantastic which you can’t even imagine
  3. Watercolor techniques are endless
  4. Illusions which appears when paper dry give you zillion ideas for other future paintings
  5. Always open adventure each time you take new white piece of paper


Watercolor isn’t for you if this is your first medium:


  1. There is no way back to correct white areas.
  2. You should continuously check for fresh water and clean brushes, paints for vibrant result.
  3. Each second counts. You should paint regularly in order to have dexterity and advertency to listen the medium while your layer is still wet and ready to absorb new colors and apply watercolor techniques before it dry.
  4. This is not fast medium. To save beauty and spontaneity of the 1st layer you should really take your time and add next touch wisely only when it’s needed in order for your paintings to look so effortless and fresh and not dull, mud, overworked or wooden.



I look speechless on paintings and emails from artists (even not watercolorists) all over the world followed by my online demonstration “Septemberville’18” I held this Saturday. Seems like my style of painting become contagious.



“I very much enjoyed Septemberville 8th today.
I think today was the first time, after 2+ years that I Finally understand how much water to use!!!…A Lot!!!!!….”

– Leslie, USA, happy student and member of “Lazywondrbrush Virtual Class”


“Septemberville 8th was awesome! Im so glad I got to join.
My favorite part was the butterfly, cant wait to see it finished next week!

I learnt to try and look at first layer before jumping in too fast. I wish it lasted 2 hours! We just got started!”

– Melinda Gardner


“Septemberville 8th was super! Your enthusiasm makes watching even more enjoyable.

Leaning about the “triangle” when you were deciding about the butterfly was quite helpful. Looking for a shape…thank you. I have to exercise more patience-LOL.

And, yes, I would like to see you finish that painting next week!”

– Susan Mittel


“Septemberville 8th was excellent. I came in late a hectic day but managed to see some of it. I would like to replay it again from the beginning.

My favorite part is how your brush just flows across the paper and how you explain things. You don’t rush and how you helped make me see shapes in a wash. That is amazing.

I learnt that I need to practice more with washes and really take the time to look and observe.

I wish ……….cannot think of anything.

You are a real INSPIRATION. Now that winter is coming hopefully I will get more time to tune and get inspired and loosen up.

I would dearly like to become a member. I feel I have to start over with my watercolours.

I have always found watercolour a challenge but I am not willing to give it up especially when I see what you make possible with a brush and paint. I just adore your style of freedom, looseness and no pencil method. If only i could achieve that”

– Marguerite Taylor


“I really enjoyed 8th “Septemberville’18”. Was my first time live. I think it was really useful to understand how to look to the painting after the first washes and try to find shapes really helped.

I managed to do a butterfly, althought I wasn’t prepared with the colors so my pallete ended up a bit different then yours. I still struggle to find a balance between the amount of pigment and water I use, so my butterfly wash is to strong what makes it difficult to continue the painting.

I’ll give it another go over the week to try to upload something on Friday for you to put in students gallery”

– Rita Teixeira


“Just want to let you know Septemberville was so fun! My favorite part is everything. I learnt to be more patient, to start lighter and softer, not to rush. I wish to see these paintings develop next Saturday”

– Susan Cuss


“I enjoyed this session very much, and I love butterflies so I look forward to next week, to see the next step. The time just flies away to fast”
– Annelie Wadin, Sweden


“8th Septemberville was wonderful, thank you so much. My favorite part is when you put brush to paper and let those wonderful colours sing.

I learnt how important it is to relax and let the watercolour paint do the work and let things happen.

I wish I could be better prepared by having the right colours on hand. Can’t thank you enough”
– Trish Horn


“Septemberville 8th went down well here in the UK it was a lovely live stream from beginning to end I learned from your rudbeckia painting how beautiful a simple wash gives such a peaceful and interesting background and the butterfly a little extra but not intruding as to spoil what was already there on paper.

I am looking forward to watching your lessons and getting better with my artwork this way is the way to go for me”
– Sheila Thorpe, happy student and member of “Lazywondrbrsuh Virtual Class”


“I really enjoyed the Sept. 8 demo and it was good to again watch how you do washes. I’ve been practicing and am looking forward to this week’s lesson.

Like many of us who watched, it’s very hard for me to see an image in the wash, or imagine what it can become.

I’ll look forward to watching how you create something from your washes”
– Joan Porter


This Saturday​ I am showing you how to paint ANY subject in their environment, so your painting don’t looks detached, separated or flying in the sky. 

Don’t miss if you want to get your hands on REPLAYS.
Only those who join LIVE will get “Cactus Pearls” and “Monarches & Rudbeckia” from past Septemberville’18.

Take me there!

See you,



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