Tip 1. Practice Regularly

Paint regularly. If possible, spent 10 minutes every day on painting. Walk around and think about how you might portray the scene, revise old pieces, take photographs experiment with colors and techniques. You deserve it! It worth it!

Tip 2. Display your watercolor paintings in plain sights

Equip your walls so your recent paintings and experimental washes always on a display. Browse Pinterest for simple ideas how other artists attach their pictures to the wall. Having been surrounded by works during the day keeps your imagination works continually. Ideas come any time!

Tip 3. Copy

Join community of the same artists like you. Which materials they use? What masters they follow? Copy!

Tip 4. Make step back. Often. More often!

While developing your painting make breaks, look at your painting in a distance with fresh eyes (imagine you see your painting at the very first time!) Viewer see a general impression. Nose how it was painted always come after! Bonus: close in your room, no one watching at you, spent as much time as needed on development, observing and making decisions. The viewer looking at your final painting don’t know how much time you spent on your painting!