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Nancy Melching

Olga makes it all look so easy

I’m enjoying your "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" course. As you can see I have a long way to go! I think next I’ll try the palm trees. I absolutely love how you paint them! You make it all look so easy and of course it’s not, but such fun anyway. I’ve been watching your YouTube demos and love those too. I’ve taken lots of online watercolor classes and am discovering that I prefer the loose style over the more realistic. I’m finding it more difficult too, you’d think it would be easier but no no! Lol

Nancy Melching

happy student


Your tutorials were VERY informative and I learned soooooooooo much

I just watched your videos and they were fantastic. Olga I own DVDs of other artist. She is a wonderful creative artist and she travels all over the world I guess teaching. But to be honest with you I really think Olga that your art and creativity have gone BEYOND what this artist does. I see more creativity in your tutorials than in other DVDs. I am so grateful to have found you on the net and I do hope you continue with your teaching because your tutorials were VERY informative and I learned soooooooooo much.




“The formation of this daily habit is something I will be forever indebted to you”

I also learned form you that it is very beneficial to do a warm up of the subject I want to paint. I did it in my sketchpad. Would also like to share with you my painting of my beagle which my son requested because he is now in another country. He saw the eyes and he said that they seemed alive. I said that I learned that from you. Your daily tutorials are living up to the title My big dream because it is my dream to be able to pain everyday. You are "forcing" or should I say encouraging me to do it daily by inspiring me through your video tutorials.


new artist and happy student


“Outstanding quality & taste. Totally recommend!

Each class is filled with lovely painting subject, Wow Effects as well. I’m an addicted flower-painter, and in every class I find something to take further and learn a lot. I feel I’m growing as an artist, I really appreciate the classes so much! Here is my stockroses from 4 Train An Artists agility from course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor". Or is it hollyhocks? Is it the same flower? I painted filled hollyhocks. I think the flower you showed in the class is Delphiniums 🙂 I first tried to paint this in reds and orange, but I was too eager with the colors in the flowers some the went too dark.


new artist and happy student

Faye Johansen

"I chose MoodMaker, to also learn to paint white, as well as eyes"

I have tried the cling wrap technique and chose the colors of fall that are everywhere this week. I love the colors and how they mix on the paper, however this is where I get "stuck" I am looking for negative shapes like your tutorial shows, to bring out some leaves and branches, Is it just inexperience, or will I eventually be able to move past this point and be pleased? I chose MoodMaker, to also learn to paint white, as well as eyes. I am very pleased with the results of both these subjects through your instruction and tutorials. I have painted many eyes since learning and am always amazed to see how they just appear, and want to paint more and more of them.

Faye Johansen

Faye Johansen


This is an AWESOME tutorials

Olga is very optimistic and enthusiastic about water coloring. I am a beginner and prior to taking this class I was a bit intimidated about using water colors - now I feel encourage, capable and just as excited about water color and using my imagination and techniques learned through Olga as she does.



It makes me want to grab my watercolor immediately!

Olga is a very encouraging teacher, and the techniques are so intriguing it makes me want to grab my watercolor immediately!



Olga Peregood

Hi, it's Olga here. I'm from Belarus and live in Canada. The content presents with a positive attitude is outstanding. We do not need to sit for a thorough explanation or history of techniques, if u need someone to be straightforward and show u so u can begin to experiment...that is exactly what I do. This is an excellent class and if you want to follow my tutorials from now on - click the button below...

Your instructor

Olga Peregood

Professional artist and watercolor explorer

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Olga brings her technical skills from working professional web-designer, graphic designer and illustrator to interpret loose style of painting
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Watercolor painting courses for beginners, intermediate and pro

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New Course
"Blues In Bloom"

Come and live in my studio together with me and see how paintings develop daily. 7 paintings, 14 videos 2 hr 30 min +

2015 Lazywonderbrush Tutorials

All watercolor tutorials together 2015
Set of 27 watercolor tutorials together made in 2015. They’re brilliant! Total duration 6 hours+

Top 9 watercolor tips for amazing roses

Collection of roses video tutorials, materials, creation stories, Students Gallery and more...

Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor

6 amazing painting sessions including WOW effect at the end each of them!
8 amazing painting sessions including WOW effect at the end each of them! 1 hr 51 min


Paint fall, sunflowers, butterflies, fur and feathers and more
12 paintings 3 hr 36 min. Paint fall, sunflowers, butterflies, fur and feathers and more

"Moodmaker" Watercolor Painting Course

There is something magical in the corner of your smile. 8 Tutorials + 2 Warm Ups 2 hr 17 min

Treasure Chest

7 Techniques For Amazing Watercolors


Replays of our Online Watercolor Painting Livestreams and Artists Friends Meet Ups


What's Included with Purchase?

This membership includes all courses by Olga Peregood:

  1.  2015 Lazywonderbrush Tutorials;
  2. Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor;
  3. Blues In Bloom;
  4. Moodmaker;
  5. Sun-Kissed Fall;
  6. Bonus: Replays "May Vlogs" and "Septemberville" (available only via membership)

How many lessons available after enrollment?

71 video tutorials, more than 16 hours+ (and it increasing continuously as Olga made new ones)

What tutorials to starts from?

Materials suits for all levels. You will find simple exercises for total beginners ("Replays", "Watercolor Treasure Chest") as well as inspiration and professional tips for intermediate and pro's.

When does the "Lazywonderbrush Virtual Class" start and finish?

The course starts now and available for subscription period! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish subscription.

How long do I have access to the Lazywonderbrush Virtual Class?

After enrolling, you have access to "Lazywonderbrush Virtual Class" and all courses included into bundle and future revealed chapters from "Replays" for subscribed period – across any and all devices you own. You can subscribe and unsubscribe, resubscribe by your wish.


Should I pay for courses?

No. As long as you a member and have active subscription you have instant access to all courses.

Can I download videos?

No. You can view video tutorials from any device as long as you have access to Internet and know your password.


If I’m not ready to paint regularly, maybe during vacation for month or two so I don’t want subscription?

You can subscribe and unsubscribe, resubscribe by your wish.


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Go to top menu with round icon image - choose "Manage Subscriptions"- click "Cancel"

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We would never want you to be unhappy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days after your first subscribed and we will give you a full refund.

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